Sulisław Sports Hall

We offer you a fully equipped sports hall, which is adapted to play all indoor team disputes, from basketball, soccer, handball to volleyball, to tennis.

A sports tournament is one of the most interesting integration proposals for our guests. Inter-team competition favors building strong relationships and can contribute to the emergence of new leaders.

Sulisław Beach

From the beginning of May, we are opening the season on Sulisław Beach. This is a unique place on the map of the complex, where the picturesque landscape enriches lakes with crystal clear, spring water and a beautiful sandy beach. It’s the perfect place for summer relaxation and rest. Beach bathing is fun for everyone, and a gentle descent and shallow water is a paradise for children.

On the beach there is a restaurant where we serve, among others original Italian pizza, straight from the wood-burning oven. In addition, the property has a cocktail bar and a grill. We spoil the youngest by serving American ice cream, popcorn and cotton candy.

We have prepared many attractions for those who prefer active recreation. You can try your hand at recently breaking records of beach tennis, to which we have prepared two professional pitches. Additionally, there are water bikes, marked bike paths, beach volleyball and other water sports waiting for you. It is also an ideal place for people who are happy to indulge in the passion of fishing.

In high season, every Saturday, we invite you to an evening dance party with live music and professional bartending service.

Klub Stodoła 69

A magnificent, two-level, and multifunctional entertainment hub, located in a completely renovated vintage barn, which used to be part of the old manor estate. The disco hosts dance nights with professional DJs, concerts performed by stars of dance music, dynamic lightning, and a well-stocked bar. It is a perfect place for private and office parties, New Year’s Eve or St. Andrew’s Night celebrations, and others!


A one of a kind music pub located in beautiful and quiet surroundings, not too far from Wrocław and Opole, but far away from the city hustle. The music here is selected carefully, and artistic, dance, and sports nights are hosted here. Karaoke and jazz, blues and rock concerts are also take place here.

Fallow Deer husbandry

These beautiful mammals from the deer family (Cervidae) have been brought to the Mediterranean region from Asia Minor by the Phoenicians. Today, husbandries of these animals are popular in many countries, Poland among them. The Sulisław herd of these gentle and friendly beasts numbers around 100 animals.


The fish ponds located on the palace grounds are filled with clear water coming from the natural artesian springs. We have built a whole recreational infrastructure around them. Because of that, our Guests can enjoy fishing in the pond, or can take to the sandy beach, if they are fans of sunbathing.


Exercise room

Sulisław Palace does not forget about fans of intensive body workout. For an extra fee, you can use the exercise room located in the castle. The equipment there is of the highest quality.

Permanent exhibition of Tułowice porcelain

Tułowice was famous for its porcelain manufacturing plant. At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, according to a decision by the family that owned the facility, the Schlegelmilchs, most of its output was exported overseas. To this day, Tułowice porcelain is seen in the United States as being of the highest quality, and is put above similar products with the Rosenthal stamp, or those coming out from Meissen.

The Palace proudly presents its vast collection of these antique works of art from Tułowice. The set is constantly expanded, and you can find it in the cabinets in the main hall of the palace, and in the library of the Elsner Hotel.

Bike trips

We recommend bike trips to all the sport and outdoor activities enthusiasts. We encourage you to rent out bikes at the Palace, as ther are many interesting bike lanes nearby

Palace landscape park

Sulisław Palace is located in the middle of a picturesque park, an ideal place for a stroll or some recreation. The park, established 150 years ago, has been put on the national list of cultural heritage because of its beauty and history.

Organized trips

We organise excursions to many interesting places in Opolskie and the Lower Silesia region.