Sulisław Palace

Each room in the 5-star hotel is unique and has an individual interior design. Excellent amenities, comfortable furniture, and tasteful details mean that Your stay here will be most enjoyable.

A double deluxe room is the best choice for longer family stays. Elegant interior, muted colours, and tasteful details create an atmosphere of comfort that can be appreciated even by the most demanding of Guests.

Single deluxe rooms are spacious, bright, and classically arranged. An effect of cosiness and discreet luxury is created by the use of natural materials, and subdued colours.

The luxuriously-furnished Bhandari Apartment is the pride of Sulisław Palace. It consist of a living room with a fireplace and an eating area, a kitchen, two restrooms,  as well as two terraces overlooking the surrounding park.

Elsner Hotel

Elsner Hotel is a three-star hotel, where each room is unique and individual when it comes to interior design. Excellent furnishing, comfortable furniture, and tasteful details all mean that Your stay here will be most enjoyable.

Standard rooms at the Elsner Hotel have pleasant and cosy interiors and provide for all the needs of our Guests.

The deluxe rooms have been fitted out with original antique furniture. Inside of them you can find beautiful paintings, rich ornamentation, crystal chandeliers, and stylish curtains.

Photos of the rooms

Prices and reservations

 You can reserve rooms at two different facilities:
5-star Sulisław Hotel and the 3-star Elsner Hotel.