Sulisław is the home of the first Polish SPA that offers a complete and unique range of Ayurvedic treatments. Ayurveda is a traditional medical system that rests on three core principles: prevention, cleansing and immunization. Our Guests are provided with professional Ayurvedic massages conducted by qualified masseurs from Sri Lanka. The benefits flowing from Ayurvedic treatments include physical recovery, improvement of your overall well-being, as well as an influx of vital forces.


A Roman bath (steam sauna) is a sauna with a humidity level close that is to 100%, and a temperature of 40-50°C. The bath purifies the body, relaxes the muscles, improves the circulation, and oxygenates the body, putting it in a relaxed state. It also improves the look of the skin, which is made more elastic and firm thanks to the better blood circulation and the detoxification.

A dry sauna (Finnish sauna) is a Sauna where the humidity level is rather low, but the temperature comes close to 85-100 °C. The time spent at the dry sauna cleanses the skin and improves the microcirculation. It is suggested to those of us who have problems with aqueous cellulite. The steam that is created by pouring of water on hot stones improves the air in the sauna, which in turn prevents exhaustion and stress-generation.

The relaxing and healing properties of water therapies have been known for a long time. Out of care for our Guests and their well-being, we also put the swimming pool at their disposal.