Panchakarma is a thorough purification, a complete detoxification process, the effects of which are deep and long-lasting. Thanks to it, we open subtle channels through which life-supporting energy flows, which improves vitality, provides inner peace, adds self-confidence and gives a sense of well-being.

The three energies of our body – vata, pita and kapha – are influenced by various factors: the external environment, incorrect eating habits (including improper combination of foods, eg milk with fish, melon with groats, etc.) or lifestyle. The balance between these energies can be disturbed by one of the factors listed or a combination thereof. This affects negatively agni (digestive fire), resulting in the formation of ama (toxins). This reaches the blood and circulates throughout the body, blocking energy channels. Stopping toxins in the circulatory system causes blood poisoning, and their long-lasting accumulation gradually affects prana (life energy), ojas (immunity) and tajas (cellular metabolism), and ultimately causes discomfort. Every disease has its origin in the digestive tract, where toxins accumulate, and its cause is the formation of ama, disrupting the balance of the disease.

Panchakarma is a specific therapy that requires proper guidance by an Ayurvedic specialist. It is determined individually for each patient. The unique constitution of a given person and its possible disorders are taken into account. The best time to give in to panchakarma is the period of change of seasons.

During panchakarma, the patient should rest a lot, avoid stress exercises, sexual activity, late listening to music or watching TV. You should also focus on keeping warm, avoiding the wind, and watching your thoughts. It is not recommended to solve serious problems at this time, for example family ones. In the diet, for example, kicheri and ghee are recommended, while cold food and drinks are discouraged. It should not be too fast (if at all) to return after panchakarma to such products as eg: frozen food, fast food, dairy products, white sugar, caffeine, alcohol. The reason for such restrictions is the slowing down of digestion caused by the panchakarma process, when the toxins enter the gastrointestinal tract.

If you are ready for Panchakarma, you should opt for the best.